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Rapunzel Week

Posted on Jan 24, 2011

I know, it sounds weird, but hear me out!

On Friday, Disney’s Tangled will be released and thousands of little British girls (and boys) will be going to watch it. And then hopefully, once they realise it is adapted from a traditional fairy tale, they will want the book! The problem is Disney has already overflowed the market with Tangled-related publications. I have not got an actual problem with Disney books; I mean they are not great but I’d rather children read a Disney book than no book at all. But in this case, there are so many great versions of Rapunzel published already, it would be a shame for them to be overlooked. So I thought I’d showcase what’s available for all those new Rapunzel fans. So starting this Thursday, it is Rapunzel Appreciation Week!



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    I very much enjoyed Rapunzel Week. It’s lovely to see so many alternatives to the books that Disney will have out for Tangled (and their previous Rapunzel offerings) The story always fascinated me as a child. Couldn’t get over the fact that surely it would hurt to have someone climb up her hair. It hurt me just to have mine brushed!

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    Thank you very much Tasha. I really enjoy writing about it. I am rediscovering fairy tales with my daughter; she has always loved them and now she can read independently, she going through all the Usborne retellings from their Young Reading series. I didn’t really know Rapunzel as a child. It is interesting how some fairy tales are very famous in one country and not in another. I never knew about Rumpelstiltskin or The Billy Goats Gruff until I came her but tales like Bluebeard and The Little Matchgirl seem lesser known here comparing to France.

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