Leigh Hodgkinson

(Nosy Crow)

When a bear inadvertently steps out of the woods and into the big city, he finds himself utterly lost and frightened. It is just too bright, too noisy, and too scary. He seeks shelter and solace in a building called Snooty Towers and after a hell raising encounter with a revolving door and a lift, he finds himself in a very comfy apartment. Peace at last! But the bear is hungry and tired, and soon rampages through the apartment. Will he be caught by the owners? And have we not seen this all before, somewhere else, a long time ago?

There is something so refreshing about Leigh Hodgkinson’s new take on Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Rather than a retelling, this is more of a follow-up and therefore will work very well alongside the original tale. Hodgkinson’s witty writing and the endless comical situations that the bear finds himself in create a hilariously entertaining story.
Hodgkinson’s quirky artwork is glorious, as ever: it is brimming with detail, with a clever use of typography, and using an array of retro colours complete this fun and very stylish story. The recurring line and routine “Somebody has been …” will enlighten young audiences as to what might be happening, and the eventual reunion of the bear and the mum, who turn out to be Goldilocks and the bear formerly known as Baby Bear will delight adult and young readers alike. Readers will be relieved to see they make friends again!
Goldilocks and Just the One Bear brings a much-loved traditional tale firmly into the 21st century, and proves that they can still be relevant and attractive to young audiences.

Both text and artwork are thoroughly modern and engaging, so prepare yourself to be asked again and again to read Goldilocks and Just the One Bear aloud!

Have a peek here:

All illustrations © Leigh Hodgkinson