365daysR.J. Palacio
(Bodley Head)

Those of you who have read Wonder will be aware of Mr Browne’s precepts, or has he calls them “words to live by”. For those who are not aware of Mr Browne’s precepts (which means you have not yet read it, so what are you waiting for exactly?),  Mr Browne is Auggie’s English teacher and every year he uses precepts in his classes, and every summer he asks his students to send him a precept, either that they have discovered or written themselves, on a postcard. 365 Days of Wonder is introduced by Mr Browne as the collection that he has put together over the years and makes a wonderful collection of quotes and wise words, one for every day of the year. These precepts are sometimes witty, sometimes funny, sometimes philosophical, but always inspiring. In this collection you will find words from world leaders, musicians, poets and authors, from Wonder itself, but also from children from all over the world who were encouraged to send their own to the author, R.J. Palacio.  This adds a poignant touch to this wonderful tome, which also includes monthly musings from Mr Browne himself. It is a wonderful little book, which makes an excellent companion to Wonder but can be enjoyed on its own just as much.

Here are just a few examples to give you a taste:


365 Days of Wonder is a truly uplifting little tome, which is better enjoyed a little bit at a time, rather than in one big chunk. Why not make it your 2015 resolution to read one a day?


wonder_julianAlso worth noting is that there is a new edition of Wonder, which includes The Julian Chapter.





Source: review copy from publisher