Jessica Greenwell (text) & Lee Wildish (illustrations)

Parents might find books with sound effects excruciatingly annoying at times but they do have a great role to play in making reading an interactive and exciting experience.

The Noisy Books series from Usborne is a great example of how sounds in books can work well and have a genuine purpose, rather than just be a gimmick. Each book comes with a sound panel on the side with pictorial clues that work as a prompt for young readers so they know when to press the sound button.

In Noisy Body Book, the reader is introduced to a rather noisy family through a very simple story. Sneezing, yawning, giggling and many more are included in this book, including a couple of rather more “naughty” noises which young audiences will find absolutely hilarious. Lee Wildish’s artwork is clear and child-friendly and suits the format well. Sturdy board pages will ensure that this book can be enjoyed over and over again. The batteries can also be changed.

Noisy Body Book is a great novelty book which is fantastic fun and perfectly pitched at its audience.
Usborne has an amazing selection of noisy books which is well worth having a look at – you can get book details and  listen to some of the sound clips here.

Source: review copy from publisher