Usually, I hate 14th February. I must be missing the French romantic gene because I can’t think of anything worse than Valentine’s Day. But thanks to International Book Giving Day, today is all about spreading a whole different kind of love: the love of books and reading, and sharing it with people that might not be able to access it as easily as I – and most of us – can.

There are many ways to celebrate this wonderful day, and you can find all about it here, here and here.

I have chosen to donate some books to The Book Bus, because I find them very inspirational, and I just love the idea of this little library on wheels!
Go and read all about this wonderful charity here.

This is what we have put in post for them today:

Representatives from The Book Bus will be talking at the FCBG conference in April if you are interested in hearing more about their work.

Happy International Book Giving Day to you all!