I don’ t think we stop enough to think how lucky we are. My children certainly don’t. To them, getting a new book is just part of their routine. Sometimes I think I have spoilt them. Sometimes I feel I have done right when they come back from someone’s house and the first thing they have noticed is that there are no books in their house – “how can anybody live like that”, they wonder.

So it is important to remind them, and ourselves,  that things are not quite the same for everyone. As we will be busy celebrating books and reading on World Book Day on Thursday, why not spare a thought for those who are less fortunate than us, those who do not have books in their schools let alone at home, those who can’t get to libraries without walking for 20 odd miles, in the heat.  Book Aid International is a charity which aims at rectifying that. Book Aid International increases access to books to support literacy, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa. They are an independent international NGO with over 50 years experience and a leader in the field of providing books to libraries and educational institutions.

Book Aid International send half a million books to sub-Saharan Africa and beyond every year.
Every year, Book Aid support World Book Day; in turn we should be supporting them.
Please check out their website, and their blog.

If you need convincing that the money to Book Aid International does make a difference, check out Guwe Primary School (Zimbabwe)’s story here.
Please think of ways you might be able to help them out this year. For example, the students from my library’s reading group organised a cake sale for Valentine’s Day. They organised it, set it up, baked the cakes. This raised about £90 in just one lunchtime.
There are so many other things that you can do, including the sponsored activities organised by Book Aid International:



Again check both blog and websites for ideas.
Or just donate, even a little bit. £2 will send a book to Africa.

Think about it.