Matilda the little cat is very good indeed. She likes to sit down quietly and read a book, and be helpful around the house. Unlike another little cat called Hans, who likes to make lots of noise and cause trouble. But when he goes too far and does something very naughty, can Matilda help him out and make things right?

Hans and Matilda is a fun and funky tale about two little cats with antipodal temperaments. The simple and bold illustrations and the purposeful use of colour make this book quirky yet utterly stylish. The contrasting pages help emphasise the differences between the two characters: a brightly-coloured background for Matilda’s spread, and a black background for Hans.

This mirrors and emphasises the differences between the two cats detailed in the text. 
I love picture books that use dark colours and therefore the cover of Hans and Matilda caught my eye immediately. I was not disappointed, as it is a beautiful book, comical and clever and with a great twist at the end.
Little readers will be absolutely delighted by the revelation at the end and no doubt the message that the most angelic children have a mischievous side will not be lost on them. All parents will be well accustomed to preschoolers’ slight Jekyll and Hyde tendencies and Hans and Matilda offers a really sweet, positive and child-friendly interpretation of this.

Hans and Matilda has been shortlisted in the new talent (books) category of the 2012 Junior Magazine Design Awards.

All illustrations © Yokococo.

Many thanks to Templar for sending a review copy of “Hans and Matilda”.