There has been much excitement in the house as the beginning of the annual summer reading challenge draws near. We have been making plans as to what to read (more David Walliams and Liz Pichon for Master O., more Judy Blume for Miss R.)

So what is it all about?
Run by 97% of libraries in the country, the Summer Reading Challenge is a successful and free way to encourage reading over the summer holidays, and is open to any children aged between 4 and 11.
All children have to do is read 6 books and collect the rewards. I think it is worth emphasising that it is any type of book, not just fiction/chapter books, and any parent who is forcing their child to read the books that they want them to read is quite frankly defeating the purpose altogether. The Summer Reading Challenge is all about reading for pleasure, not extension to homework!

When does it start?

Library Services choose when to launch the summer reading challenge so you might find you have to wait a bit more, but here it launches today, hurrah!