hermelinMini Grey
(Jonathan Cape)

A new Mini Grey picturebook is always cause for celebration and Hermelin the Detective Mouse is no exception.  Hermelin the mouse is a brilliant detective and is on a mission to help the residents of Offley Street when things begin to go missing. But will it be welcome with open arms as a new resident?
Grey’s take on the detective story genre is unique, witty and heartwarming, and a really feast for the eyes. Her incredible flair for using page design and typography to create the right atmosphere and pace and hold the reader’s attention is showcased at its best here. It is brimful of clever details, with many more to discover after each reading. It is stylish, fun and thankfully there is a  happy ending for shunned hero Hermelin, and even maybe, the hint that there could be more adventures on the way. Hopefully. Please?
Hermelin the Detective Mouse is an incredibly sophisticated picturebook, perfect for older readers.