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A boxful of treasures

Posted on Sep 14, 2010

I don’t usually blog lists of books that I receive for review; I just review them and that’s it. But I am going through an extremely difficult time at my work at the moment, which is making me both very upset and stressed. So after another hard day, I was feeling all doom and gloom, until my neighbour brought me a parcel which had been left at theirs for me:

That really, really, cheered me up. So thank you, Dom! I look forward to a fabulous bedtime reading session with my kids tonight and then cuddling in the sofa with a nice mug of tea and Ottoline at the Sea. I bet if I’d been to see the doctor’s, that’s exactly what he’d have ordered!
Review to follow :0)


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    Oh no, hope work gets easier. It is crazy for me too but it is a sort of happy crazy and it sounds like yours might be a bit more unhappy crazy. Chin up! x

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    Oh no I hope things get better in work.
    Email me if you need a chat 😀

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    Ottoline !!! Quelle consolation ! 😉

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    So sorry to hear that work isn’t going so well at the moment. I hope things perk up soon and I hope you enjoy the books – they look like a lovely haul! x

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