Hurrah!  Martha and her gorgeous Bunny Brothers, Monty and Pip, are back in a new adventure.

In Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I Heart Bedtime, Martha is desperately trying to put her little brothers to bed so she can some fun with babysitter Grace-next-door, but that’s no mean feat. This sequel to Martha & the Bunny Brothers: I Heart School (see my review here) is bursting with beautiful colours and happiness.

I was chuffed to be asked to be part of the blog tour for Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I Heart Bedtime.  We were given a brief – BEDTIME ROUTINES – and it was up to us to interpret it as we wished.

We decided we wanted to do something about our bedtime reading. Now, my little mouslings are getting a little bit camera shy as they get older so we decided to go for an alternative way of showing some of the books we have been enjoying lately.  So here goes (it is just a shame my daughter does not own any Sylvanian Family mice!):

The Library Mice Household bedtime routine:
Some of our favourite reads

Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I Heart Bedtime is out on Thursday!

You can also listen to the accompanying song, The Bedtime Bunnies song, on Clara Vulliamy’s blog here . In fact, if you have not visited Clara’s blog yet, you simply must because it is wonderful.
You can also find Clara on Twitter as @ClaraVulliamy