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NNFN 2020 The Planet We Share: From Tiny Seeds

Émilie Vast‘Plantes vagabondes’ translated from French(Thames & Hudson) Subtitled “The amazing story of how plants travel”, this visually stunning book from French creator Émilie Vast illustrates seed dispersal and the role of each featured seed plays in its ecosystem. The book showcases 10 different journeys, from ‘flying’, ‘floating’, to ‘being eaten’ and finally ‘helped by …

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BLOG TOUR: Gender Swapped Fairy Tales

I have always loved feminist fractured fairy tales, of which there are plenty published. But Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett (Faber) is an anthology like no other. Rather than fracture and rewrite the traditional tales, what the creators have done is ‘simply’ switch the genders in each story. Nothing less, …

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Oi Aardvark!

Kes Gray (text) & Jim Field (artwork)(Hodder Children’s Books) Frog has written a book! A comprehensive guide for all animals who are still not quite sure where to rest their behinds! It is called “The All-New Alphabetty Botty Book” and despite Cat’s skepticism, Frog manages to find a new animal for every letter. From nits …

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Monsieur Roscoe On Holiday

Jim Field(Hodder Children’s Books) Monsieur Roscoe On Holiday, Jim Field’s latest picturebook and the first he has penned himself, is a bilingual word book which introduces French words to its young audience with each French words appears alongside its English translation. Unlike many word books however, this book follows a narrative, as Monsieur Roscoe and …