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Support Book Aid on World Book Day

Posted on Mar 1, 2015

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Thursday is World Book Day, which is also an important day for Book Aid International, with great opportunities to raise funds for them.
Do check out their resources, and particularly their fabulous costume-making guides. And if you have time, why not think of something you can do to raise some funds for them? We have already done so at school with a bake sale earlier this year during a Reading Day we had earlier this year. And if time is short, then why not support my lovely friend Zoe (of Playing by the Book fame) in her attempt to build a book den on World Book Day?
You can read more about what she is planning on doing here, and you can donate to support her  here.

Knowing how creative she is, I am expecting this by the end of Thursday:



£2 will send one book to sub-Saharan Africa, so imagine what can be done with a lot of money raised. Think about it. And Happy World Book Day for Thursday!






  1. Avatar

    AAAH! Thank you Melanie – for spreading the word, for sponsoring me, for PUTTING THE PRESSURE ON ME!! I’m quickly realising picture books do not make the greatest den building bricks. Encyclopedias, yes, hefty adult non-fiction yes, but picture books…hmmm. More of a challenge! But I shall rise to it! Thanks again for all your support Melanie xxxx

    • Library Mice

      Oh no, I did not mean to put pressure on you :0(
      Yes, I can see why picture books would not be so good as “bricks”. You’ll find a way! When will you stop? Will we see a picture?

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