This year, publisher Miles Kelly will publish new books, ebooks and interactive ebooks to raise enough money to buy The Book Bus a new bus that will be stationed in Malawi. Miles Kelly’s vision is to support The Book Bus in both their short- and long-term goals. £22,000 will not only buy a new bus to visit 1000 pupils a year, it will also fund teacher training workshops for local adults, benefiting another 1500 pupils a year. These workshops will inform local teachers and adults of the importance of reading and books as a learning aid to help improve child literacy in their classrooms. Over a ten-year period, this project will improve the lives of 25,000 African children.


To raise the money, Miles Kelly has produced a selection of  both print and electronic books.
First Q&A books
Amazing Animals iBook



Please support this great initiative!
I will be reviewing the Q & A print books nearer the time of publication.