Axel Scheffler
(Nosy Crow)

Pip and Posy:The Super Scooter
When Posy sees Pip on his super scooter, she really, really can’t help wanting it for herself and can’t even wait to ask Pip – she snatches the scooter and rides it away. But she soon runs into some difficulties; will Pip still be cross about her not playing nicely or will he be kind enough to be forgiving and help out his friend?

Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle
Pip is at Posy’s house for a play date and they are having great fun, playing with their babies, the train track, and all sorts of exciting things. They are having so much fun that Pip forgets that he needs the toilet and eventually has a little accident. But best friend Posy is here to offer a helping hand and to reassure Pip that there really is no need to be embarrassed.

This beautifully packaged new series from much loved and acclaimed illustrator Axel Scheffler will be a great addition to a toddler’s library. The simple stories, charming and yet straight-forward, present everyday situations and places that will echo young audiences’ experiences. The stories’ purpose is to teach toddlers in a gentle manner some valuable lessons: in The Super Scooter, children will learn about sharing, being friends and learning to say sorry. In The Little Puddle, friendship is again much emphasised with Posy being a good friend to a much-embarrassed Pip, as well as showing that potty-training is a tricky business and that accidents can happen to everyone.

Scheffler’s talent at portraying the trials and tribulations of early childhood in this series is second to none. The fact that this is done with only animals as characters does not hinder the strength of the books’ message, and if anything, it strengthens it, making the reality of these situations less daunting to young audiences. Scheffler’s style is of course instantly recognisable and it is immensely child-friendly. Pip and Posy are very likable characters; they merge many of toddlers’ characteristics and again, by being animals, they will feel much less threatening to them.
One detail I particularly liked was in The Little Puddle: Pip needs a change of clothes and Posy gives him a selection of dresses to choose from, which, after initial hesitation, he puts on without bating an eyelid. And so we witness Pip, obviously a boy, sitting quite happily wearing a flowery dress. I thought it was lovely to show how accepting and non-judgemental children are at that age. It is a reminder that only too often it is adults who bring prejudice into children’s lives.

I really liked the format of the books, which  are big and little-hands friendly, and those slightly cushioned covers are gorgeous. This is a lovely new series and one that deserves a rightful place on toddlers’ bookshelves. It has all the makings of becoming a firm favourite!
A third title, Pip and Posy: The Scary Monster, is due to be published in October.

Thank you so much to Nosy Crow for these wonderful signed copies of the Pip and Posy books, which I won in a competition:

All illustrations © Axel Scheffler