Lorena Siminovich

Lulu’s teacher is running an art competition and Lulu is keen to take part and win! But despite having a very vivid idea of the peacock she wants to recreate in a collage, she can’t quite get the colours right and is feeling disheartened. Loyal friend Alex comes up with a great idea: going to the bookshop and looking for inspiration of books. But he has a trick up his sleeves: on the next floor up there is an arts supply shop and while Lulu is engrossed in reading, Alex goes upstairs to pick some supplies to help her out. There Miss Flora is able here to help him by explaining primary colours and how they can be mixed to create more.  Will Lulu find the inspiration she needs now she is got beautiful bright colours to work with? She surely does and she also finds that inspiration can be found in many things and that it sometimes right under your nose!


I did not know this series about those loveable two best friends, and I really enjoyed Lorena Siminovich’s style. The bright and simple illustrations will enchant young readers and the story will undoubtedly inspire many a budding artist to get the paint, glue and scissors out and give making a collage a go. I particularly liked the spread which shows the results of primary colours being mixed;  it is well illustrated  and makes the concept really easy to understand. For this reason, I am sure this story would work well in infant schools when talking about colour.

These two charming characters are also quite inspiring; their friendship is an exemplary one and the story provides valuable lessons : wanting to help your friends, not giving up when faced with difficulties, and the fact that winning, in the ends, it’s not all that matters. But this is not done in a preaching way and the targeted audience will enjoy Lulu’s journey towards creating the perfect piece of art.