Hervé Tullet is the King of the creative interactive book. His work is like no other, both in its style and in what he achieves creatively  via the medium of the book. His books have been encouraging children to be more playful and creative for the last twenty years. He is an utter inspiration and if France had a Children’s Laureate, he would be high on my shortlist of deserving authors/illustrators.
Phaidon Press UK have just released some books from Tullet’s Let’s Play series, a collection of sturdy board books which offer fully interactive games amongst their pages:





Three of the books are flap books: The Games of Lines is filled with yellow and pink bright lines going from all directions; moving the flaps to mix and match them will create endless combinations and fun. The Games of Tops and Tails  allows readers to create some crazy top and tail combinations. Whether it is a man doing a handstand on an elephant or a camel standing on someone’s finger, the wackier the better! The Trail Game encourages readers to follow the trail with their fingers, but they have to find the matching shapes to make it to the finishing line without getting lost!
Unlike the others, the fourth title, The Good Morning Game, offers a narrative in which young readers take an active role thanks to their fingers. Each double-spread includes holes for the fingers to go through, so all is needed is a couple of eyes and a mouth drawn on the tip of the finger before you begin!

As well as being great to share  and play together, the books are small enough to put in a bag, and will prove invaluable at keeping little people busy in cars, waiting rooms and restaurants to name but a few. They are a fabulous way to entertain children while nurturing their imagination and creativity.


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