Sue Limb
(Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

Jess Jordan is back! And yes, there is more drama, more boyfriend-induced angst and more embarrassing-parent moments. But what a laugh, and what a joy to welcome back this feisty and clever heroine.

This time Jess and boyfriend Fred are in the throws of organising a charity Valentine’s Day Ball in aid of Oxfam. They have named the event Chaos and lo and behold, it is rapidly descending into exactly that! But Jess is soon discovering that Fred’s heart is not in it and it is let down after let down on this part; Jess feels that he is becoming increasingly distant. Is their previously idyllic relationship starting to show some cracks? The fact that best friend Flora has a new gorgeous and rich boyfriend does not help Jess dealing with Fred’s inadequacies. With a relationship on the rocks and an event to organise which is the talk of the school and yet is barely taking shape, Jess is feeling the pressure. To add to that, Jess’s mum has decided to take her chance at the dating game (with leads to fairly cringe-worthy yet utterly comical encounters) whilst her dad has found himself dumped by his partner and is back home to leave with them. Can a girl catch a break?

I have read all of the Jess Jordan books and I was so pleased to hear a new one was being published. Jess is a very loveable character, with a wicked sense of humour. But what makes Sue Limb’s heroine one cut above the rest is that beneath the crazy funny girl there is a sensitive, caring, poised young lady. Amidst all the humour and madness of the stories, Sue Limb always manages to tackle many important themes of friendship, loyalty, family, body image and self-esteem; themes that will be very real to its teenage audience.

This is one series which I recommend to the teenage girls in my school library, again, and again, and again. They will be thrilled to see a new volume out, at least as much as I was!

More please, Ms Limb