© Quentin Blake, from Promenade de Quentin Blake au pays de la poésie française
Today, I am kick starting a new feature which I am hoping will be come a regular one on Library Mice.

One of my first ventures into blogging was a blog in French all about British books published in French (you can still see it here, if you are interested). This was easy as there are a lot of British books that make it across the Channel to France. Unfortunately, this is not reciprocated here and still few French books make it to British bookshop shelves, and I really want to promote those which do.
So to begin with, here is below a list of French books already reviewed on Library Mice:

* Jean-Pierre Arrou-Vigno & Olivier Tallec  – Rita and Whatsit

* Barroux – Mr Léon’s Paris
* Marc Boutavant – Around the World with Mouk
* Charlotte Moundlic & Olivier Tallec – The Scar
* Daniel Pennac – The Rights of the Reader
* Joann Sfar – The Little Prince: a Graphic Novel
* Hervé Tullet – Press Here
* Delphine de Vigan – No and Me

That’s all for the moment, but there is plenty more to come soon!