Cathy Olmedillas (text) & Rob Lowe (illustrations and design)
(The Anorak Press)

Created by the duo behind the fabulous Anorak Magazine, this hip and stylish non-fiction book all about food is a feast for the eyes as well as for the brain. Packed full of recipes, games, jokes, vegetable information sheets and historical facts, this beautifully designed book aims at making food fun and enjoyable, and not something to squirm at. The humorous tone of the book helps hugely, especially at destigmatizing “scary” vegetables such as celeriac (which I love, by the way!):

And with some of the yummy recipes included, readers might even be tempted into actually trying some. For the more adventurous, there is a feature on sushi and even a recipe for courgette doughnuts!
I really love the format of this book; it is really informative but the content is varied and is presented in a way that will automatically catch the attention of the targeted audience. The retro feel of the book is highlighted by the limited colours used, mainly orange, blue and white and this is very effective. Although illustrated throughout, Food is Fun is also very heavy on text and uses various typographies so might be hard to access for new readers but this gives all the more opportunity for Food is Fun to be shared between child and adult.

There is a real happy feel about this book, and it will undoubtedly keep readers entertained for hours.
Any book that promotes a positive and healthy attitude to food, and in such a stylish  and fun way, is sure to be a winner!

Many thanks to Anorak Press for sending me a review copy of “Food is Fun”.