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adult dreams in translation Japan science-fiction time-travelling Yasutaka Tsutsui young adult

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Yasutaka Tsutsuitranslated from Japanese by David Karashima(Alma Books) Fifteen-year-old Kazuko is busy cleaning up the school science lab when something odd happens: she appears to have disturbed an intruder fiddling with chemicals, suddenly smells a strong scent of lavender and then faints. After this freak accident, she finds herself with a strange gift: what she first mistakes …

adult books National Non-Fiction Day non-fiction parents Paul Jennings reading

Non-Fiction Focus Week: The Reading Bug

Paul Jennings(Penguin)Ever since doing my masters in librarianship, I have enjoyed reading non-fiction books on reading and reading development. What I like particularly about The Reading Bug is that it is very accessible and easy-to-read, as it was primarily written with parents in mind as a practical guide to help their offspring to learn to love and …