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adult dreams in translation Japan science-fiction time-travelling Yasutaka Tsutsui young adult

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Yasutaka Tsutsuitranslated from Japanese by David Karashima(Alma Books) Fifteen-year-old Kazuko is busy cleaning up the school science lab when something odd happens: she appears to have disturbed an intruder fiddling with chemicals, suddenly smells a strong scent of lavender and then faints. After this freak accident, she finds herself with a strange gift: what she first mistakes …

14+ Alex Scarrow British Books Challenge fantasy Red House Children's Book Award RHCBA awards 2011 science-fiction time-travelling


Alex Scarrow(Puffin) Liam O’Connor (1912), Maddy Carter (2010), Sal Vikram (2026). Three teenagers, living decades away from each other are suddenly thrown together in a small room near Brooklyn Bridge, in September 2001. They have one things in common: all three should have died, all three were given the choice to turn away from their …

artificial intelligence Bernard Beckett betrayal Dystopia evolution genetics heroes robots salvation science-fiction Utopia war young adult


Bernard Beckett(Quercus) Anax aspires to join The Academy, the elite institution which runs the utopian society she has brought up in and with the help of tutor Pericles, she has been working hard to prepare for the gruelling admittance interview which lasts for five hours and focuses on one subject only. Anax has chosen to …

7+ boys fiction humour science-fiction


Mark Haddon(David Fickling Books) First, what a fantastic cover! Bright orange, very touchy-feely, and no blurb to give anything away. This book definitely shouts out “Read Me” to potential readers. Like most people I had read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and loved it. I was aware that Mark Haddon …