Agnese Baruzzi

(Tango Books)

Count! is not just your regular counting book. Like most counting books, each page is dedicated to a number (from one to ten), and feature one or several animals of the same species to illustrate the number. However, it is the artwork that sets it apart from the rest. Baruzzi uses intricate and beautiful black diecuts over vibrantly coloured background for a particularly striking effect. The diecuts are so delicate that some of the details look a little bit like lace, which is beautiful.

The focus of each spread on the animal’s natural habitat also offers opportunities for young readers to acquire more knowledge and indeed inquire, about the fauna and flora depicted in the book. The colour of the backgrounds plays an important part in this.

This unusual format mterakes counting fun, but this is such a beautiful book that it will delight adult readers as well as children.
There is something really captivating about those illustrations that will entice you to look through this book over and over again.

Due to the nature of the artwork, this book is not suitable for tiny people, and is recommended for children aged 3 and above.

All illustrations © Agnese Baruzzi

Source: review copy from publisher