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Posted on Nov 12, 2012

A week dedicated to the Brothers Grimm

It has been 200 years since the Brothers Grimm published the first edition of their collected fairy tales, published under the title Kinder- und Hausmärchenand a  part of the celebrations, many beautiful editions have emerged on the market, aimed both at children and at adults.

As I am focusing on gift books in the build-up to Christmas, it felt fitting to focus on the Brothers Grimm for one week, as I believe that each household should at least own one collection of their fairy tales. I have already dedicated some posts to their tales, including a Hansel and Gretel Week and a Rapunzel Week.

There are many beautiful editions available, but I hope you will enjoy those I have chosen to focus on.
See you tomorrow for the first review!



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    I love The Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales. This is such a lovely idea. My mother once gave me a small, dark brown copy of The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I remember The Tinker Box, The Little Mermaid. So many titles I’ve forgotten and would love to read again. This is really exciting.

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    I think that is what so nice about fairy tales, they stay with you. I sitll remember my sister’s colection of Perrault tales, and being scared of the illuStration showing Blue Beard!

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