This year’s National Non-Fiction Number, an annual celebration of all things non-fiction and organised by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups focuses on Food & Festivals Around the World.

And today is Diwali, the Festival of Lights, so firstly:



And what better way to celebrate than to read a book all about it?

Rama and Sita: the Story of Diwali written by Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Christopher Corr (Bloomsbury Education) is the perfect way to introduce children to this festival or to read together as part of celebrations. Doyle’s simple narrative recounts the story of Rama and Sita who live peacefully in the forest until Sita is kidnapped by a demon king and Rama, helped by the money king Hanuman, go to her rescue, in a really engaging way. It is a text that will work well at home as a story or in the classroom.  This is supported wonderfully by Corr’s artwork, and his signature vibrant colour schemes are a perfect match to the dazzling colours of Indian culture and landscapes.

A joyous retelling perfect for the occasion!

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All artwork © Christopher Corr

Review copy kindly sent by publisher.