Today I am very chuffed to welcome none other than Pig to Library Mice, who has agreed to answer a few of my questions. Pig is the author of The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig.


Hi Pig!


Tell us a bit more about your background and family

I is not really knowing too much about my mum, my sister and brothers. I was taken away from them when I was very little to come and live with Farmer. I thinks of my friend Duck as my family now. Me and him is like brothers, only I don’t quack and he isn’t big and pink.pig4


What is your favourite place for you to go and write your diary?

If you is writing a top secret diary you is not wanting ANYBODY to be seeing you. I likes to write mine in the corner of my shed. I piles my straw up all around me and I scribbles away.


What do you find most challenging about writing a diary?pig1

I likes to write it at night time, so I can tell my diary what happened in the day. But it can be hard to write if it is too dark. I once missed the page and wrote all over my leg.


Tell us more about your best friend, Duck

Duck is ace. He is super smart, he knows lots about lots of things. This is very handy because I is not knowing much about much. He is also very funny, sometimes he is nearly as funny as me. Ha! Ha!

Duck has been on the farm much longer than me. He used to have a mum and dad and brothers and sisters, but Fox ate them all up so I never met them.

When me and Duck is together I is very happy, when we is apart I is not as happy – I think that is the way you tell if a friend is a best one or not.


What would be your ideal farm?

pig3My bestest farm would be one with:

1.    Nice houses for me, Duck and Cow

2.    A nice field for the sheeps

3.    Owners what loves us all

4.    Owners what feeds me LOTS of yummy slops (I is wanting to put this one first, but Duck says it would make me look greedy)


What is your relationship with Emer Stamp?emer

I thinks Emer Stamp (I is not sure if she is a he or a she? Do you know?) might have owned the book I wrote my diary in. When I found it Emer Stamp’s name was written on the front of it.


pig_tourThank you Pig for taking the time to answer my questions.
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