Preston Rutt (text) & Ben Redlich (illustrations)(Meadowside Children’s Books)

Harry ‘The Hurricane’ Hare has never quite gotten over his defeat to ‘Steady’ Eddie Tortoise in that race. But he is hoping  for revenge, as it’s time for a rematch!!!!

This book is very, very clever, and absolutely hilarious! Preston Rutt takes the well-known traditional tale, gives it a bit of a rejuvination and a bit of a twist too. It is presented and written in the style of a sports commentary (brought to us by sports commentator Jonny Fox) with pre-race talks, recaps on training and live commentary of the race. This is particularly clever I think because it is very fresh and new, but also highly entertaining, allowing for plenty of funny voices! The vocabulary fits perfectly with the style, but is still pitched at the young audience it is aimed for so again there is plenty to laugh at for parents and children alike.

Ben Redlich’s illustrations work perfectly with the text and like the story,  the drawings are bursting with energy. They are reminiscent of comic art work but remain very child-friendly. There is a lot going on on the pages, but that’s by no means a criticism; there is just a lot to look at, lots of details to pour over.
The twist at the end is spot on and will your children in stitches. I particularly fond of the very last page with Jonny Fox begging us goodnight.

This book was a great discovery for us!