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New York In Pyjamarama

Michaël Leblond (text) & Frédérique Bertrand (illustrations)“New York en Pyjamarama”(Phoenix Yard Books) A little boy is going to bed, but he is not quite  ready to go to sleep. Instead, thanks to his very special  striped pyjamas,  he goes on a magical whirlwind tour of New York,  the city that never sleeps; from the busy airport runway …

11+ British Books Challenge Carnegie Longlist 2011 Gregory Hughes New York orphans road trips

Unhooking the Moon

Gregory Hughes(Quercus) When their father dies unexpectedly, Marie-Claire (better known as the Rat) and her older brother Bob find themselves orphaned. Desperate not to be separated, they would rather walk from the Canadian prairies to downtown New York to find their only remaining family member, an uncle they have never met, than to be discovered and taken in by …