Helen Nicoll (text) & Jan Pieńkowski (illustrations)(Puffin)

What better way to kick off a Halloween feature than to talk one of the greatest witches of a the picture book world: Meg!

Mog and Owl are hungry and Meg decides she will conjure a spell to make them spaghetti. But in typical Meg-fashion things don’t go quite as planned: their dinner wriggles away and they are left going to bed hungry. But Owl and Mog are not ready to give up just yet and are ?? to tackle their rumbly tummies.

Meg and Mog are back in a new adventure and after more than thirty-five years, the meg and Mog stories are still bewitching little readers. The simplicity of the bold illustrations mixed with the use of bright, clashing colours is the strength of this series, and makes it perfect for preschoolers. But the simple text is also great for children learning to read. Meg & Mog is one of the first books my son read alone. The stories are always ludicrously silly and this one does not disappoint, and let’s be honest, the wackier the better for young children! You can’t beat Meg & Mog for a quick, fun bedtime story.

A real classic series that just does not get old or lose its appeal. Fantastic fun for Halloween!