Tatyana Feeney
(Oxford University Press)

Small Bunny loves his Blue Blanket and carries it everywhere with him, whether he is on the swings, in the sandpit, painting or just reading quietly. But his Mum thinks Blue Blanket really needs a wash, and newly clean Blue Blanket is just not quite the same. What can Small Bunny do to restore it to its former glory?

This is a really lovely simple story which will appeal to toddlers. The sparse text, simple artwork and use of limited palette of colour is perfectly pitched at young children who are developing enough concentration to sit through a longer story. The interesting use of white space will allow the youngest of children to focus entirely on what is happening in the story.

The theme of this tale is one that will speak to all those who have a safety blanket or favourite toy, and who experience the dreaded feeling of being separated from it and its familiar, reassuring smell disappearing. It is gentle tale, realistic and reassuring. Stories that depict events in a typical day for a toddler at home are always particularly successful with that audience, because they enjoy reading about things they can relate to.

Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket is really a lovely book which is well worth discovering.
Tatyana Feeney’s second picture book with OUP, Little Owl’s Orange Scarf, is out in May.

All illustrations © Tatyana Feeney

Source: review copy from publisher