sirlilypad_coverAnna Kemp (text) &  Sara Ogilvie (illustrations)
(Simon & Schuster Children’s Books)

Tad the frog dreams of being a bold and brave knight. But no one takes him seriously as he is no bigger than a pea. After reading a book about frog princes and their exploits, he decides to take his fate in his hands and goes looking for a damsel in distress to save. When he finally comes across a princess, she appears to be definitely in need of saving, as it seems she is being kept prisoner by a dragon. Or is she?

Once again Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie deliver a picturebook which is bursting with energy and positivity, both thanks to its fabulous rhyming text (which begs to be acted out) and wonderfully zany artwork. I love everything  this duo have created together, but I have always had a soft spot for The Worst Princess.  It is such a treat to see her again in this new adventure, and even though she is not the star of this show, her no-nonsense attitude to life, her desire to break the mould, her determination not to let anything get in the way of what one wants to achieve in life, might it be gender, size or anything else shine through the pages of this book as she teaches Tad not only to accept his size but also to embrace it in order to become the brave knight he so yearns to become. Unlikely yet devoted friendships play again an important part in this story; it is quirky and silly yet with a big, big heart.
With caricatural baddies aplenty, many comical situations and wonderfully detailed and hilarious illustrations to pore over, this is one book little ones will not get tired of. Prepare yourselves to read Sir Lilypad over and over again, but  you won’t mind either; books like this are simply a joy to read aloud.


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And now am delighted to welcome Princess Sue herself, who has taken time off her busy swashbuckling schedule to give us her tips on life as a princess!


Princess Sue’s
Five Essentials for Life as a Princess


sue_trainersA princess must have sensible footwear. How can you be expected to ride dragons and chase baddies wearing fancy heels that pinch your toes?! Trainers are a must for any adventurous princess, though it is a bit of a hassle when the laces come undone all the time.






teaMe and my friends often stop for a picnic and a nice cup of tea in between catching pirates with stolen treasure, stopping bullies in their tracks and dealing with pompous princes who insist on trying to save me! It’s very refreshing and the perfect civilised antidote to all the silly antics around the kingdom we deal with day-to-day.




The Great Outdoors

greatoutdoorsI once spent some time cooped up in a prince’s tower, but it wasn’t for me. I was incredibly bored sitting around all day surrounded by fancy frocks, and was only too pleased when a dragon came to save me. I love to spend my days roaming the countryside, having adventures and getting muddy knees. There’s so much to see in the big wide world; who wants to stay indoors and miss out?!





dragonEvery princess could do with a fire-breathing dragon. Not only is my dragon actually very gentlemanly and well-spoken, he is the perfect mode of transport for a girl who loves the wind in her hair, and is pretty handy for scaring daft princes by setting fire to their pants with a quick snort of fire now and again.





Tad, aka Sir Lilypad

lilypadA frog – and NOT one that turns into a prince, definitely not! Sir Lilypad is my newest friend, and the bravest little knight you could hope to meet. He had some identity issues, that’s true, but he’s found his place in our motley crew and is a fearsome force to be reckoned with now.





Thank you, Princess Sue!