I was so glad when my (well ok, my daughter’s) copy of PLOC came through the post. Created by the team behind Anorak (and books such as Food is Fun!, reviewed here), this new magazine for 3 to 8 year-olds oozes vintage coolness. It is because it uses original illustrations from French illustrator Alain Grée.

I can remember his books being around when I was a child. I can’t remember any titles specifically, and being born in the 1970s, I probably missed on his books at his prime, but they were definitely around, and I remember his imagiers (sort of picture dictionaries/vocabulary books). Anyway, PLOC in all its retro glory is now available and it is well-worth getting hold of a copy as the summer holidays are looming.
Filled with stories (often  based around a specific subject such as “farm animals”), colouring pages, activities, and games such as “spot the difference”, this is nothing like the kind of children’s magazine you will find in a regular newsagents. It is classy, educational and advert-free.

And although it is well suited to the British kids, I couldn’t help smiling at the depictions of bread and bakeries, which are oh-so-French!
PLOC is a great little magazine, which aims at being educational and yet fun, and achieves both effortlessly. It might The Happy Mag for Little Ones, but it will undoubtedly become a favourite of many adults too.
PLOC is available from here.