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CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK 2011: The school librarian’s perspective

I am a school librarian,of course, but I was intersted in hearing another librarian’s prespective on Children’s Book Week. I contacted Becky, aka The Bookette, and she mentioned a post she had written back in May 2010.  So today’s post, courtesy of Becky, is her Bookette’s Guide to Planning a Book Week. The Bookette’s Guide to Planning …

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The Rights of the Reader

Daniel Pennac with illustrations by Quentin Blake, translated by Sarah Ardizzone (née Adams) (Walker books) Parents, teachers, librarians,please on no account use these pages as an instrument of torture. These words of caution from the author at the very beginning of the book set the tone of one of my most favourite books. Daniel Pennac is a bestselling French …