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9+ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry French literature graphic novels Joann Sfar philosophy Sarah Ardizzone translations

The Little Prince: A Graphic Novel

Joann Sfar (original text by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)translated by Sarah Ardizzone(Walker Books) A pilot finds himself stranded in the desert after crash-landing his plane. While he desperately tries to fix the problem, a little boy appears out of nowhere. He is from a tiny faraway planet, where he lives with only three small volcanoes and …

7+ andi watson comics Glitster graphic novels

Glister: The House Hunt

Andi Watson(Walker) Strange things always seem happen around Glister Butterworth, as we found out in the first volume of her adventures (see here). Glister’s village is taking part in the annual Village-in-Bloom contest, led by the very pompous Mr Leonard Swarkstone, Lord Lieutenant of Whixleyshire and head of the Gravehunger Moss Bonny Village task force. …