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3+ bad mood Tor Freeman

Olive and the Bad Mood

Tor Freeman (Brubaker, Ford & Friends) Olive is having a bad day, and she is more than happy to share her bad mood with her poor unsuspecting friends who feel the brunt of her caustic mood and put-downs. But even her foul mood is lifted by an unscheduled stop at the sweet shop. When a …

3+ 7+ dogs Elys Dolan fitting in friendship Leigh Hodgkinson picture books Rosalind Beardshaw stealing Steven Lenton Tracey Corderoy


Recently I became part of the Nosy Crow Crew  and thought this was a perfect opportunity to showcase some of their lovely picture books.   Troll Swap Leigh Hodgkinson Timothy Limpet is a troll that does not much like troll things and behaviour. Tabitha Limpit is a little girl who definitely does not behave like one. …

3+ French Friday French literature friendship Gabrielle Vincent in translation

Ernest & Celestine: The Picnic

Gabrielle Vincent “Ernest et Célestine vont pique-niquer”, translated by Sam Alexander (Catnip Publishing) Ernest has promised Celestine they will go on a picnic and the little mouse is very much looking forward to it. When it pours down with the rain the next day, Ernest cannot bear to see Celestine disappointed. So, undeterred by the torrential rain, off …

3+ counting Mike Brownlow pirates Simon Rickerty

Ten Little Pirates

Mike Brownlow (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations) (Orchard Books) Ten little pirates, sailing out to sea, Looking for adventure as happy as can be. So begins the hugely entertaining pirate romp of ten little pirates who as they go on an adventure across the rocky seas seem to be gradually losing their mateys. Albatrosses, hurricanes, and even …