A newcomer last year with the gorgeous Red and the City, Marie Voigt is back with a new and very different picturebook, The Light in the Night (Simon & Schuster Children’s Books)which is Library Mice picturebook of the week:

Betty loves night-time because with the dark comes the time for stories! But Cosmo, the bear in her favourite book, is scared of the dark and she wishes she could show him there is nothing to worry about. When Cosmo unexpectedly pops out of the book, she takes him on an adventure to do just that.  This is a wonderful tale of stories coming to life, friendship, bravery and having faith. The metafictive element of story within a story  blurs the boundaries between the two narratives and adds a magical element which will fascinate and enchant little readers.  The beautiful dream-like drawings and soft colours are hugely comforting, making this a lovely reassuring story to read at bedtime.  A perfect story to cozy up, with a lovely covert message about the importance of stories as part of a bedtime routine.


I am delighted to welcome Marie as part of the book tour for The Light in the Night, with a very exciting Fabulous Five selection!



Five Fabulous Picturebooks
about self-belief & following one’s dreams

by Marie Voigt



Since The Light in the Night is about finding your inner courage and shining your light, I thought I would share 5 inspirational picture books I absolutely love which encourage readers to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and achieve their potential.


The Dot
Peter H. Reynolds

I love the message that the creative spirit is in everyone, because it really is. I think this book should be required reading for every teacher and every parent. It shows very effectively that, with a little encouragement from others, everyone can make their mark and achieve their great potential. The text and illustrations poignantly depict the emotions of the little artist Vashti on her journey from self-doubt to greatness. I wished all teachers were like Vashti’s art teacher. Wise, witty and charming, this book is oh so powerful!



The Most Magnificent Thing
Ashley Spires

Full of heart-warming wit in the text and illustrations, it perfectly describes how any little or big creator or perfectionist can turn their vision into reality. It’s actually the perfect user manual on how to accomplish anything in life. You just need to start with some self-belief and determination, remember to take breaks, and see your apparent failures as the stepping stones that lead to your success.

It uses wonderful language, humour and pace to build the tension and it’s the most heart-warming payoff when we find out what the most magnificent thing actually is.



The Wonderful Things You Will Be
Emily Winfield Martin

This book is full of love, admiration and encouragement towards the child giving him or her the perfect foundation in life to pursue whatever is in their heart. It is the message every parent should give their child. It cleverly empowers through drawing a beautiful vision of a brave, creative and wise individual who will discover all there is to see, and who is also equipped to get through the tough times, always supported by the parent’s love no matter what. This love literally shines through the beautiful, soothing rhyme and the stunning, reassuring illustrations, which remind you how you saw the world at 3 years old. The way the book comes full circle at the end is breathtakingly beautiful.



What Do You Do With an Idea?
Kobi Yamada & Mae Besom

The relatable text and clever illustrations handle this fairly abstract subject in an engaging, wise and empowering way. The stunning illustrations are full of lovely symbolism and as creative, ‘open’ and full of possibilities as the idea the book talks about. Together, the text and illustrations create a larger than life experience sure to empower young and old alike to embrace their ideas. The final line gives me goose bumps every time.




How to Catch a Star
Oliver Jeffers

This book has maybe had the biggest impact on my life in that it sealed my desire of wanting to become an author illustrator. It made me realise that picture books can be written in a way that even take a grown-up’s breath away. It’s a beautiful story about wishing, persevering, and reaching for the stars, with a clever resolution that I wished I’d come up with.






Thank you so much, Marie; what a great selection!


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