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    Oh, it sounds wonderful! Did you have a good time? I took my kids to see Room on the Broom (a musical) the other day and it was great!

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    Happy new year, Mel ! 😉

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    Was it good? The trailer looks amazing. Milo is just too young to sit through it but I wonder if I could sneak away and go on my own sometime!?

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    @ Happy New Year to you too S!
    @ Luisa, my children saw Room on the Broom a couple of years ago with their dad (I had gone to see Flashdance that day!) and loved it. I try to see as many as I can. Have you ever seen We’re Going on a Bear Hunt live? ( I think they are coming to Weston-super-Mare some time this year so might be travelling down your away as well? It’s a great adaptation!
    @ Tasha, it was well worth the trip. The music is amazing and the adaptation is great. I am sure they’ll take it London. If not, I think it’s worth sneaking away for it! It finishes at the end of this month in Stratford.

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