Concept books come in all shapes and sizes and not only offer great  opportunities for interaction and shared learning but are often books that preschoolers go back to to read alone. Therefore a good concept book needs to be a little bit more than just a list of colours to prompt engagement and pleasure from its readers.


bookofcoloursThe Book of COLOURS
Sarah Dyer

This gorgeous and quirky concept book takes compendiums to a new level with a mix of traditional spreads expected in this type of tome (“colourful vehicles”,”colourful animals”) and more unusual concepts such as the wonderful “colourful feelings”, which illustrates difficult notions quite effectively, and “colour at night”. The endearing recurrent pair of friends brings a consistency that runs throughout the book, allowing it to go beyond the regular concept book and offering opportunities for creating stories, as well as enjoying on one’s own. The sturdy pages and Sarah Dyer’s hugely child-friendly artwork will ensure this becomes a firm favourite among little people



Aino-Maija Metsola
(Wide Eyed Books)

If you have come across Wide Eyed Books before, you will know this is going to be pretty special. If you have not come across any Wide Eyed Books before, I urge you to rectify this as soon as possible.
Colours is a bright and bold concept book which is aimed at the younger spectrum, with its sturdy pages and playful lift-the-flap features. The back of the book states 12 months +, and though it can certainly be shared with younger children, they will struggle to hold it alone. However don’t be fooled into thinking this is only for younger children; with questions prompting readers to find relevant items, there is learning fun aplenty to be found within those pages. One feature that is particularly delightful is the odd one out – each double spread focuses on one colour but includes one item or animal which is the “wrong” colour. This will delight young readers who will be quick at pointing out the error and lift the flap to discover that indeed, they are right. This series, which also includes Counting, is stylish, clever and moreish.



whitebookThe White Book
Silvia Borando
(Walker books)

A white wall. A little boy and a paint roller. Lots of paint of different colours. Each time the boy uses a different colour, a different animal comes to life. Some run away, some are a bit scary. But none want to play, until the very last colour creates a new playful friend. Though this is not strictly speaking a concept book, this wordless picturebook aims at inducing creative story making, developing visual proficiency  and encouraging imaginative play. The use of bright colours over the vast white of the page is strikingly effective. The simplistic format and understated style allow little people’s imaginations to run free, and this creates such a wonderful platform for discussion and interaction, about colours of course, but also about friendship, and perseverance. Part of the Minobombo range, this is a delightful book and a particularly interesting wordless picturebooks, as they are often too sophisticated for younger readers. This is perfect for preschoolers.

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Source: review copies from publishers