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A picturebook a week: The Fairytale Hairdresser and Snow White

Abie Longstaff (text) & Lauren Beard (illustrations) (Picture Corgi) Another happy working day begins at Kittie’s Cuts, until the latest edition of The Looking Glass brings the worrying news that Snow White has disappeared and is in danger, with the Wicked Queen is on her trail. With the help of seven musical dwarves and a rather dashing …

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Rapunzel Week (5): The Fairytale Hairdresser

Abie Longstaff (text) & Lauren Beard (illustrations)(Random House Children’s Books) Meet Kitty Lacey, hairdresser extraordinaire with an array of famous clients: from Little Red to Thumbelina, and from the Beast to Father Christmas, they all come to visit when their hair needs a trim. But when she is called to a rather threatening-looking tower, she …