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Nursery Rhymes Collections (3): Puffin Mother Goose Treasury

Raymond Briggs(Puffin) “Treasury is a good word for it. Nursery rhymes are a national treasure.” This is how Raymond Briggs opens the introduction to the re-edition of his Puffin Mother Goose Treasury, and how right he is too. Nursery rhymes are probably the most “English” things I know. That and cream tea. They ooze cultural …

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The Owl and the Pussycat

Edward Lear, Angela McAllister (text) & Kevin Waldron (illustrations)(Simon & Schuster)The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,In a Beautiful pea-green boat,They took some honey,and plenty of money,Wrapped up in a five pound note.This classic nonsense rhyme needs no introduction but in this new edition Edward Lear’s wacky tale is given a new leap of life thanks to Angela …

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Happy Families

My son (6) likes reading, and he is good at it too. But he won’t admit it, and despite the fact that he spends most of his time with print in front of his nose (books, comics, magazines, Lego instructions, packaging – he keeps everything! –etc ) and requests going to bookshops as “treats”, he …

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Angellina Ballerina

Katherine Holabird & Helen Craig(Puffin) My 3 year-old daughter has just started ballet and what better tale to accompany this new experience but this wonderful picture book which is 25 years-old this year! Angelina is a little mouse who loves to dance. She dances at home, at school and even in her dreams! Unfortunately, all …