Chris Riddell

Have you ever wondered what a Depravian Brain Sucker is, or how a Zyglon Tentacle Beast disguises itself? Have you got thirst for knowledge of all the wonderful creatures that (probably) live in worlds far beyond ours? If so, this book is for you! If you are an adult fan of all things sci-fi fan, this  book is also for you! And if you are none of the above but love Chris Riddell’s work like me, this book is definitely for you too!

Jam-packed with amazing comic-style details of the most weird and wacky aliens you are like to come across (!), this large format picture book is like a catalogue of these bizarre creatures and with Colin the little alien (that’s him on the cover) for guide, the book will keep anybody busy for hours on end. That’s the great thing about doing something about aliens, you can let your imagination run wild; there are no limits to what you can make up, and Chris Riddell certainly has done that. Add to this his trademark wit, cleverness and panache and some amazing novelty bits such as pull-outs, cards and even a game and you won’t see your child for hours on end. The amount of intricate details alone will keep anybody occupied for ages!
I am no sci-fi fan but even I could see that there were a lot of references to many classical characters: Ziggy the Spider from Mars, the Terrifids, the Day of the Truffles … the list goes on. This will particularly appeal to an older and adult audience, but not getting those references will not hinder enjoyment in any way.

Do I need to tell you again how much we love Chris Riddell in the Library Mice household? No, I didn’t think so.
Without being stereotypical, this will be an AMAZING Christmas present for any boy aged 7+ for reading ability (but this is, as ever, a loose recommendation as all children are different) but for pouring over the illustrations and having a good giggle at the funny-looking aliens, there is no age limit, minimum or maximum! Enjoy!

Sent for review by the publisher.