Anna Godbersen

I shamelessly admit that I have loved the Luxe series, which follows a group of young upper-class people in New York at the turn of the twentieth-century. It’s all there: the kind, beautiful heroine who is in love with someone she should not; her hateful so-called best friend who stops at nothing to get what she wants; her fiercely independent little sister who refuses to bend to the thousands of rules she is expected to adhere to. And of course, boys, lots of them, including a few bad ones! Intrigue, secrets, romance, back-stabbing, what’s there not to like? This series has been my guilty pleasure and this final installement did not disappoint. Ok some of it is way over the top (the whole Elizabeth episode at the end for example – but I don’t want to give it all away!). But I was particularly satisfied with the way things turned out for Diana (the little sister) in the end. 
As author Camilla Morton said, it’s “Gone with the Wind meets Gossip Girl”, so if you want some girly easy reading, this is for you.