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3+ Beatrice Alemagna differences diversity French Friday individuality Oliver Jeffers Picture Book Carousel

PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: Vive la Différence!

Two picture books on individuality, diversity, and acceptance, yet two very different stories. Which one will be your favourite? Bugs in a BlanketBeatrice Alemagna“Au pays des petits poux”, translated by Anthea Bell(Phaidon Press) In an old blanket live a whole colony of bugs. But each little bug lives in its own little hole, alone, with …

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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: some new books for toddlers & preschoolers

I have been on the search for books for preschoolers as I am writing a book list about it and I have come across some rather lovely books during the last few months.Here is just a small selection! AppleNikki McClure(Abrams Appleseed) This latest book by acclaimed cut paper artist Nikki McClure (and actually the first she …

3+ Alison Murray Clara Vulliamy Emma Chichester Clark Picture Book Carousel school Shirley Hughes


For many little people across the land, life is about to change forever. Starting school is one of the great landmarks of childhood, and though many children will appear unperturbed and quite confident, it is always wise to address the change in preparation. Thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful books to help parents do just …

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Two picture books about Paris have really caught my eye this year. They are very different in their storyline, though the theme of journey is at the core of both, and both are esthetically wonderful. Henri’s Walk to ParisLeonore Klein (text) & Saul Bass (illustrations) (Universe) Henri lives in a small town, with all its tweeness, but …

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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: A New Arrival in the Family

The prospect of welcoming a new baby in a household is one that fills parents-to-be with joy, and yet also with dread if this is not the first child in the family. Explaining the arrival of a new baby can be tricky, and books always come in very handy in such circumstances. I read a …

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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: The True Meaning of Christmas

The two books I am reviewing today stood out amongst the huge offering of new Christmas books for their more unusual, and yet all the more important, Christmas message. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Helen Ward(Templar) Helen Ward’s retelling of the famous Aesop’s Fable is not strictly a Christmas story, but it is 1930s …

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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: The Saga of Knuffle Bunny

Mo Willems (Walker Books)   I didn’t discover Mo Willems via his famous Pigeon books. My first encounter with his work was the first Knuffle Bunny book, Knuffle Bunny: a Cautionary Tale , and was bowled over by the fantastically imaginative use of pastel coloured illustrations superimposed with sepia photographs of Brooklyn. The result is so drastically …

adoption disability fostering hospital orphans Picture Book Carousel picture books Rebecca Elliott siblings


I came across Rebecca Elliott’s first book for Lion Children’s Books, Just Because, quite late, as it was first published last year. When I finally found out about it, two further books were already on the way to being published. These three books,which I am focusing on today are beautifully crafted, but also touch on some very tough social …