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The Comic Strip Big Fat Book of Knowledge

Tracey Turner (text) & Sally Kindberg (illustrations)(Bloomsbury Children’s Books) This big (and indeed fat!) book combines The Comic Strip History of The World, The Comic History of Space and The Comic Strip Greek Myths in one volume. If you have not come across this series before, The Comic Strip offers a great overview of its …

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Non-Fiction Focus Week: Tudors: A High-Speed History

Terry Deary (text) & Dave Smith (illustrations)(Scholastic) The Horrible Histories books have sold in their millions. They are amongst the most successful non-fiction series for youngsters ever published, if not the most successful. It is easily to see why; Terry Deary manages to make history exciting, with humour, gore and sometimes very obscure but accurate …

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Vern & Lettuce

Sarah McIntyre(David Fickling Books) If you read this blog, you’ll know we are fans of Sarah’s work (see here and here). She is a fantastic illustrator of picture books, with a really dynamic, colourful and unusual style. But it is after we discovered Sarah with Morris the Mankiest Monster that we realised that actually, we …

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Glister: The House Hunt

Andi Watson(Walker) Strange things always seem happen around Glister Butterworth, as we found out in the first volume of her adventures (see here). Glister’s village is taking part in the annual Village-in-Bloom contest, led by the very pompous Mr Leonard Swarkstone, Lord Lieutenant of Whixleyshire and head of the Gravehunger Moss Bonny Village task force. …

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney(Puffin) Greg is a wimpy kid, he says so himself, who has been encouraged by his mother to write a diary (or rather a journal). We are presented his musings in a very clever format: the type font is similar to very clear handwriting, there are lines to give you the impression this is …